What is Koalify?

It's time you understood you.

Figure out what makes you tick, and where you're missing out. Koalify takes care of all the data collection and organization, just like you always wanted to. It's enterprise grade analytics, but this time it's personal.

Clean and simple activation

  1. Securely connect with Koalify in minutes.

  2. Once you've synced an account, you'll never need to manage it again.

  3. We're read only, so we can't ever post to or modify your account. Close your account and wipe your data in minutes.

Discover your patterns

Koalify automatically generates a personal dashboard, from the very first time you sign in. Keep up to date on trends, track how your usage changes over time and discover new insights.

Paint your own picture

Make use of our powerful analysis tools to unlock the power of analytics. Generate custom equations and graphs to gain deep insights into your life. Build new dashboards focusing on different areas.

Share and collaborate with your peers

Share your brilliant equations, graphs and dashboards with the community in the marketplace. Download content shared by your peers, and work together to build out the knowledge of the community. Benchmark your metrics against your peers and learn where you fit in.